Heidi und Heimat Echo

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Premier Music Experience

The Premier German cultural musical experience includes authentic costumed musicians playing sounds of Germany from yesterday and today with traditional instrumentation using the sounds of accordion, bass, drums, brass, alphorn, and cowbells.

Ein Prosit

Given a fun-loving audience, Heidi und HEIMAT ECHO characteristically gets the crowd involved with singing toasts, group songs, and special dances, including fun mixers.

The crowd enthusiasm builds steadily as the even progresses.  The Chicken Dance is just one of the audience pleasers we use regularly.  If the situation allows, we may do a yodeling contest or have individuals try to play the Alphorn.

Heidi und HEIMAT ECHO have performed for festivals, dances, corporate events, assisted living centers, picnics, wineries, restaurants, and weddings.

The Band

The Heidi und HEIMAT ECHO Band and it's four members: Ernie, Heidi, Jack, and Mark.